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Slender horror in tight spaces

Slenderman's Shadow: Claustrophobia puts the Slender legend in a tight spot - a garden labyrinth. You need to find the key to escape, but there are fakes hidden around the maze. Can you find the right key before Slenderman gets you?

Slenderman's Shadow: Claustrophobia continues the Shadow series, but doesn't do anything new, apart from the labyrinth setting. This environment is actually pretty bland, and worse still, it's not as claustrophobic as it promises. The stairway games like SCB 087 are much better at giving you claustrophobic chills, even without the sinister Slender hunting you down.

If you're a Slender addict, you'll enjoy Slenderman's Shadow: Claustrophobia. However, the series is really feeling tired, and needs some innovation and extra polish to make it worth your time.

Slenderman's Shadow: Claustrophobia for PC

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  • 3.5
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